Professionals and the new culture of social media networks

→  May 17th, 2011  →  blog social media strategy tools

Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting a keynote talk to a group of financial advisors from Peak Financial in beautiful Victoria, BC. My presentation focused on the new culture of social media networks and offered some key insights and strategies for advisors wishing to engage in this space. Being a long-term relationship person […]

Getting your social media footing

→  April 11th, 2011  →  blog social media strategy tools

After reading Evan Zall’s article Traction on a Slippery Slope, I’d wished I had written it. Zall captures the unique predicament in which regulated financial advisors find themselves regarding their use of social media and he offers some pragmatic advice: engage proactively, but do so with caution. In this post, I will build on Zall’s […]

Social Media Strategies for Professionals

→  July 27th, 2010  →  blog social media

While in Toronto this week, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to present to a group of professionals on the topic of social media strategies and tactics. The presentation was sponsored and organized by Simon Kay of IPS Insurance and generously hosted by the friendly folks at The Toronto Clinic. Thank you to […]