Why the Investment News web site is not friendly

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I received an email today from Investment News. They were suggesting some “Best of 2010″ tech articles I might be interested in.

I found one I liked called: 10 signed it might be time for a web upgrade. Stuff like: the copyrights are older than 2008, the site was built with tables or frames (shudder), or the design features chess pieces (or boating imagery) made me laugh. So I tried to share it…and that’s where the trouble began.

1. There was no “share’ functionality. No “Tweet this” link, no AddThis widget, nothing.

2. So I tried to copy the URL to my LinkedIn status update, but the specific page title and excerpt did not appear. Instead there was a generic “Investment News” title and boilerplate marketing-speak about the publication. Nothing about the specific article I wanted to share. It looked like I was promoting Investment News instead of sharing some of their content. Not interested in that.

3. I also didn’t like the 10-screen layout of the story. Instead of an article, they take the stories and make them into 10 screens and you need to click to advance from screen to screen. This is annoying, plus I can barely read the small, non-serif, grey font on the shaded background below the huge picture. Seems like a poor layout decision.

4. So I tried to view the article in traditional “article format”. At this point I was met with a huge barrier: a subscriber screen. Seriously?

I just wanted to share an article from which the publication, but at every turn I was thwarted.

To the folks at Investment News, so far you’ve done nothing to make me think you get the whole social media thing and you clearly need to upgrade your web site. I’m not sure why you think I’d be interested in subscribing when there are so many good publications out there that get it.

If this is your business model, start counting your days – because they’re numbered.

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