Best (and worst) of the Old Spice parodies

July 16th, 2010 · 10:15 am @   -  No Comments

You’ve seen the original. Now watch the parodies. You know its working when there are some really good take-off videos being produced. But the good comes with the bad – lots of bad.

So I’ve arranged the best of the good parodies followed by the best of the bad parodies. I’ve spared you the worst of the worst, but feel free to spend several more hours on YouTube checking them out. (Does someone need an intervention?)

First, for your reference, the orginal:

Here are the best of the good parodies (so far):

And here are the best of the bad parodies (so far):

As for the awful ones – and there are some awful ones – I’m not even going there. There, I just saved you lots of time.

But before you head over to YouTube to check out more, you should watch this one.

I’ve gotta go get me some bodywash now.


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