Embedding Flickr photostreams

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Flickr.com is one of the darlings of the social media world because of its large community of users and massive user-generated repository of photographic content.

Flickr offers a free version of the site with some limitations (I think it’s 200 uploads a month) and lots of convenience in terms of a tool for sharing photos on your web site. The main method for doing that is an embeddable widget that can be placed on any web page and sized accordingly so your photostream can display on your site. The beauty of this widget is that all you need to do to post pictures to your web site now is login to Flickr and upload them. The widget takes care of streaming them to your site.

This kind of application works great if you have photos from an event and you want them posted quickly or even in real time. Similarly, say you’re a school and you want to post regular photos of student from events and extracurricular activities. Also, great application. But I wouldn’t recommend a Flickr stream for a professional photographer or graphic artist wanting to display their work. Not enough control over how it’s presented.

As much as I like Flickr functionality and cost, there are some things I can’t do with the embeddable widget. I can’t display the picture’s title or description. I can’t display subsets of pictures or have any internal grouping of the pictures in the widget. There are lots of plugins for enhancing Flickr on your blog – here are 10 WordPress plugins for Flickr.

Clicking on the embedded widget takes the user to the Flickr site and displays your photostream where all of these picture titles and descriptions and sets are displayed and can be navigated.

Like all content publishing tools, they are only as good as your content. So, Flickr widget or no Flickr widget, bad photos look bad on Flickr.


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