Censored vacation pics →  April 4, 2010

No matter what we do, we can’t get away from that darn papparazzi. Peeking over bushes and snapping inappropriate and revealing shots. The kids had a nice time in their fort. There’s nothing better than making a fort out of chairs and blankets by the pool. Then your big sister brings her computer and wireless connection [...]

Good stuff happens when you aren’t doing anything →  April 3, 2010

The days here are generally warm and sunny and filled with playing and reading and eating. We wake up each day and decide what we feel like doing. There is little planning and structured time and lots of on the fly. Watching the kids is half the fun. When they are playing nicely with each other, [...]

Searching for good dining in Palm Springs →  March 30, 2010

We’re still looking for that foodie experience in Palm Springs. Dinners out have been passable, but nothing to really blog about. Portions are typically American-style (quantity trumps quality in the home of the brave and the land of the free). Salt and fat are abundant – even with the “healthier” salad fare. And I’ve never seen more [...]

Seder for six →  March 29, 2010

Chicken legs, roasted potatoes, asparagus and the best chicken soup and matzah balls ever made on vacation. That was our seder dinner tonight. Served poolside at our ultra-cool Palm Springs vacation getaway, we wore our casual clothes and enjoyed the laid back vibe. Nothing could be finer. (If you are wondering how I got that cool [...]

Expert kid hiker →  March 28, 2010

My boy wanted to go hiking with me today, but just with me. I jumped at the chance. You see, Ben can be difficult to please sometimes. Yesterday, we had hiked up the trail behind the Palm Springs Art Museum – Ben, Ella and I – and had had a nice time. The thing with Ben is [...]

A modern paradise →  March 27, 2010

Palm Springs is a modern paradise with gorgeous springtime weather. And we love it! From the moment we arrived on Wednesday, the sun has shone bright and warmed away the winter blues of early spring in Edmonton. Leigh-Anne and I took a tour around town yesterday with Robert – a local authority in mid-century modern architecture in Palm Springs. [...]

Olympic golden moments →  March 2, 2010

I was fortunate enough to accompany LA to the Olympics in Vancouver as the guest of EPCOR this past weekend. And it truly was as amazing as everyone is saying. The feeling in the city was electric. People were on the street daily en masse. The free public attractions brought them out, but the camaraderie kept [...]

Enjoying the games →  February 23, 2010

Despite some gaffs and planning issues, the Vancouver games seems to be shaping up as one filled with good energy and high spirits. LA has been there since day one and will be there to the bitter end. She is working hard (no doubt, she always does), but if you have to be working then the [...]

Barffing in Banf →  December 28, 2009

Leigh-Anne is being polite in her Facebook description of the recent family trip to Banff. While it was far from the worst trip ever, it occurred to me to ask myself that question a few times. First of all, let me offer one piece of advice: it is generally not wise to take a family trip [...]

Bound for Banff →  December 23, 2009

We rolled out of a cold and sunny Edmonton late this morning heading toward Calgary – my first trip south of the airport. Our ultimate destination was Banff. The countryside was flat and white as far as the eye could see. Leduc, Red Deer, Olds – on we went. The sky was so clear that [...]