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The ups and downs of a cruise vacation →  January 2, 2011

We’ve just completed our first cruise as a family and generally it went pretty well. I spent much of the cruise feeling like an outsider trying to understand the culture of cruising. By no means am I an expert after one cruise, but having been through the process I have learned a few things that […]

Cruising vacation was a hit →  December 31, 2010

We just completed our first cruise vacation as a family and, while the verdict is still out on whether we will repeat it again in the future, the pictures are great. (If I don’t say so myself.) I’m working on a longer piece on the ups and downs of cruising (hey, there’s a nice title […]

The ark sails today →  December 22, 2010

There’s no way we could have known in September when we booked this trip that we’d be in LA for three days and not see the Hollywood Hills, nor the Hollywood sign, nor the sun. No way to know that we’d be clamouring to get out of this town built on sunshine and money – to […]

When it rains, it pours in LA →  December 20, 2010

We left Edmonton bleary-eyed and heads slightly aching. Our days ahead were full of promise and hope. As the snow fell, we imagined how nice the warm sun would feel on our backs. I remember a song from the 70s – something about it never raining in California. Well, that myth has been shattered. It’s been […]