The ark sails today

December 22nd, 201012:47 pm @ Jay Palter


There’s no way we could have known in September when we booked this trip that we’d be in LA for three days and not see the Hollywood Hills, nor the Hollywood sign, nor the sun. No way to know that we’d be clamouring to get out of this town built on sunshine and money – to be anywhere but here.

There were moments yesterday when it really felt like this might have been the worst vacation ever. The rain pouring down on us. The stuffy, humid taxi cab in which Benny almost tossed his cookies (actually, they were waffles). The failure to find sandals in the right size at the only enclosed shopping area in LA. (Oh, woe is me ;-)

But it hasn’t been all bad. Dinner at Kate Mantilini’s in Beverly Hills the other night was a hit. The kids were treated nicely and ate well. Ben even drew a picture for the hostess lady and she hung it on the wall near the door. And breakfast yesterday at Kitchen 24 was a fun and tasty start to the day.

The W Hollywood is our refuge  from the rain and continues to be the best part of our stay here. Afternoons spent in the W’s common space, dubbed the living room, sitting on sumptuous black leather couches, enjoying martinis and sprite, playing cards and sending emails – pure vacation relaxation. I even managed to get in a nice sweaty workout.

We’ve been very well-served at the W  by a lovely young concierge named Jonathan. He took a shine to Ben and Ella and even found a board game for them to play one afternoon. He was instrumental in pointing us in the right direction for meals and even helped secure reasonable consideration for a mistaken late-night knock on our door by an errant staff member on the first night. Nothing but praise for W’s service and style.

And so, today is the day we board the ark and sail for dryer and hotter climes. We saw a small patch of blue sky this morning and the forecast is predicting sunshine starting tomorrow. But we’ve had our share of rain in LA and are heading for the port. A rather long drive awaits us – though this seems to be what LA is all about.

We’ll come back to California, but LA will not be high on the list of places to visit.

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