When it rains, it pours in LA

December 20th, 20106:50 pm @ Jay Palter


We left Edmonton bleary-eyed and heads slightly aching. Our days ahead were full of promise and hope. As the snow fell, we imagined how nice the warm sun would feel on our backs.

I remember a song from the 70s – something about it never raining in California. Well, that myth has been shattered. It’s been raining here for days and will continue for several more.

And the fact is – there isn’t much to do in LA in the rain. Shopping is outdoors. The fun street life is outdoors. Venice Beach is (obviously) outdoors. The Griffith Observatory is very close by but is closed the two days we are here.

If we weren’t getting on a ship and heading to sunny Mexico in a couple of days, we’d be way more depressed. Those poor families we saw on the plane who came to go to Disneyland – so sad.

On the good side, we all love the W Hollywood. A relatively new development at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, the W is always a pleasure. The funniest part is that Ben and Ella just love the place – the cool design, the open space, the room details. Ella didn’t even want to go out today – she wanted to stay in the hotel and curl up with a good book.

It was clear this morning that we may be among the only people to ever visit Hollywood for three days and NOT see the sign on the hills. The rooftop pool at the W supposedly has a great view of it when the clouds are not practically touching the ground. We were up on the roof for a dip in the pool this morning – damned if this rain was going to ruin a great rooftop pool. It did, but the kids had fun.

Oh, and Mann’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd is very cool. But Yogi Bear is a terrible movie.

There’s more to come about LA, but my LA wants to go out tonight. Kate Mantilini’s in Beverly Hills seems to be the ticket. Details to follow.

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