Preparing for Shabbat

September 24th, 20098:27 pm @ Jay Palter


Tonight I am thinking about preparing for Shabbat tomorrow.

We have invited our first friends in Edmonton, so it will be our first opportunity to host a Shabbat dinner.

For the menu, I am thinking about salmon (Sobey’s fish counter has very nice sides) and roasted mini potatoes, some vegies (maybe green beans with toasted almonds, because they are Ella’s favourite) and a nice big salad. For dessert, I am thinking chocolate sundaes for the kids – and, heck, why not for the adults too. Everyone loves a sundae.

I’ve got to get the guitar out tonight too, just to warm up the fingers. It will be nice to sing a few songs tomorrow night.

The day tomorrow is already filling up with errands and prep. After dropping the twins at school, it’s off to Bon Ton for challot, then food shopping. At 10:00 am, I need to stop by the shul and pick up a parking pass for Yom Kippur as well as drop off some sechach for the Sukkah building that is to happen next Wednesday. Somewhere in between, I’d like to drop my bike off for a repair.

Back home by noon for the blinds to be installed and the plumbing for the ice maker in the new fridge.

In the afternoon, I will do my whirlwind 2 hour house cleaning. It’s quite a workout – I actually work up quite a sweat. Which reminds me, when am I going to work out? I am a full-fledged member of the YMCA now. Ben and Ella are too – they even have member ship cards.

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